Saturday, November 15, 2008



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Sense and Feel




Fully experience different art style / methods / manual effect to express the feeling and meaning of word. Explicit strong impression and feeling toward WORD. Study and understand the word, dynamic creativity to build the visual with special and unique way, where touching people directly and effectively.

Design Concept:

Block - To express about the feeling of prisoner in jail. I use different color to create different emotion for the prisoner.

Cut - The main idea is to express a solid love is not easy to broke up. I use "DIFFICULT" word and enhance the "C" "U" "T" letters to create the feeling of a solid relationship is difficult to cut off.

Shadow - The concept expression is quite direct and obvious, which is to express shadow are everywhere under the light.


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Saturday, November 8, 2008


My mood was falls into the bottom of valley.. STRESSFUL on alot of final projects..private matters..friends...HAIH...all are happened at the same time!! no place to gv me pour out my body knw how worst my feelings now...............



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Saturday, October 11, 2008



Problems for the original brochure design:
1. Overall is not interesting
2. Cannot attract people to read it
3. Typeface too boring
4. Layout not nice
5. Maps too complicated
6. Information and content too messy

Redesign solution:
1. Simplify the maps
2. Rearrange all the contents
3. Information should be clean and clearer
4. Consistency on color
5. Art style

I design a light batik pattern as main art style is because Terengganu is one of a batik produce states in Malaysia, so i decided to use red color as background to represent Malaysia and it's also suitable for batik style. Contents solution i did it like each featured place got one picture beside the description of the place, to give peoples a clearer information. I also design a guide line and guide it to the map for each featured place to give audience a easy way to find out the actual location.





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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Message to deliver:

This "Influence" exercise is to learn how to use artwork to communicate with audience. At the first we choose our own title with a short story, then develop keywords from the idea. After that, we think of the media to use for final outcome, then just do the further design job.

Final Outcome:


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Web Design - In Progress


Mood Board

Story Concept:
A youngster was lost his job, and he is poor, no money to eat, and even no place to live, and start to be leads a vagabond life. He had a habit which is like to go everywhere play with his guitar and singing everywhere he goes, especially when he is facing stresses.

A day, the youngster walk around on a street and feel moody, then he start to play his guitar and singing on the street. His touching voice was attracted peoples go forward to listen, but most of them after go forward, they saw the youngster wearing a dirty and ragged clothes, they was not willing to stop there and listen to his performance anymore. The youngster didn't care it, and continue his performance.

Suddenly, a old man was really touched by the youngster voice. He go forward and listen to his performance. After that, the old man felt curious and go forward to ask the youngster why he wearing a dirty and ragged clothes. The youngster told him the truth. The old man was sympathized by his previous. He dug up some money from his wallet and ask the youngster go and buy a new cloths and use his performance to earn his pocket money. The youngster touched by the old man, and he was realize by what the old man told him. He start to think positive and hardworking and do many performance on the street.

Finally, peoples was identify his performance. He was touched peoples by his outstanding performance. He successful earn a lots of money. Since that, he doesn't have to starve and no place to living anymore. He started a new normal and happy life.


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Monday, September 22, 2008


Today seem like so FREE...but actually its not...I already reformated my blog interface. Because someone said me LAZY and LONG TIME didn't update the blog, then i just decide to update it..thx my dear desiree to helping me. Hope i won't be so LAZY anymore...and will be update oftenly...


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Friday, June 20, 2008

Poster Design

I choose this theme for my design concept is because all the human being also got their own memories in their life. Memories can be wonderful, sweet, happy, sad, and unforgettable. We can recall all the memories through our mind, pictures, voice, videos and even text; Moreover, we also can share it with our friends or someone else. More description is on below...

Abstract - Surrealism
Sample Media
Digital Effect - Type
Sample Media
Graphic - Pop Art
Sample Media
Sample Media
Design Concept:
First of all, I produce 4 different forms of art style of my design, which is, illustration, abstract, graphic, and digital effect. My design concept is mainly about human organ which is ear, eye, mouth and brain. The first is abstract, surrealism. I use human eye change the eyeball to a lens. A picture which is capture by the lens and camera fly inside the “eye”. Show that, memories can be capture from camera lens. 

Second is digital effect. I use text to form up a human head shape, and the brain full of colour. It means we can memory all the memories using our brain. All the memories in our brain are colourful and wonderful. Third is graphic, pop art. A human talking. That’s mean voice talk by a person also can be a sweet memories with someone. Fourth is illustration, I use color pencil to draw an ear, and the ear flying on sky listen to the rainbow. It’s mean we can listen the memories from someone in the air, and the memories are colourful like a rainbow.

The second media implementation of my design; I use the graphic style poster to applied as bus ads. It can show the ads everywhere the bus go, effective and save our environment; Abstract style poster I applied it as building billboard; Digital effect I applied it on lift door, so that when people wait for the lift can see the ads; And the illustration style poster I applied it to a billboard beside the road. As conclusion, memories are wonderful, so we must cherish our memories always, because memories can’t buy with money!


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